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Celebration Reports

The Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant has been making a lot of news over the last couple of days. Here are just a few of the articles I found noteworthy:

The Associated Press had an article about former president Jimmy Carter urging for unity among Baptists

The Tuscalossa News had a piece in which Reverend Vernon Swift, pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, said, "It is making us aware of issues that need to be addressed and that we need to come together to implement change. ...We talk about the morality of being against abortion, and we are against abortion, but we don't talk about what you do when a child is born to a single, young mother ... We are killing the ones who are living."

The Tennessean had a good piece about former vice president Al Gore's address on taking care of the environment. And the News & Observer had a good article about how young Baptists are responding to his call and making the environment a serious Christian concern.

Even the Southern Baptist Convention's Baptist Press had positive coverage yesterday (with their journalists here it seems hard to say there are no SBC representatives present). They had pieces on Carter's speech, Gore's speech, and the press conference before the meeting.

It is exciting to see the overwhelmingly positive news reports about the Celebration. Hopefully, these will help get out the important messages of this historic gathering.

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