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Crude Language

During the recent Criswell Lectures at Criswell College, Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission made an inappropriate and distasteful attack on a U.S. senator for which he should apologize. During the third day of the address on "God and Country," Land called Senator Chuck Schumer the "the schm*** from New York." He went on to attack Schumer for holding a different position on a political issue. However, Land's derogatory and crude language was inappropriate for a religious leader and a chapel setting for religious students. To use a word with such an offensive meaning is inappropriate and unchristian. A denominational leader should not use such language. Jesus warned against calling someone a "fool," which does not seem nearly as bad as Land's attack. It was also inappropriate since he was supposed to be teaching the next generation of church leaders. Hopefully, they will not think such crude language is acceptable. Sadly, this comes from a guy who hosts a radio program called "For Faith & Family." Land should apologize for this comment and pledge to watch his words more closely in the future.

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