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Final Speakers

The Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant has come to a close. I will offer some overall thoughts later, but here are the speakers from the last session.

Charles G. Adams, pastor of Hartford Baptist Church in Detroit, MI, spoke on setting the captive free and the implications and challenges of such freedom. You can watch his speech here.

Hanna Massad, pastor of Gaza Baptist Church in Gaza City, gave a testimony about ministering in the Holy Land and the need for the Baptist witness among the Palestinian people. His church is the only Protestant one in the Gaza Strip and has been damaged by both sides in the conflict. You can watch his speech here.

Former president Bill Clinton spoke and did a very good job of pointing out the need for Baptists to unite in love. A lot of people had expressed concern about Clinton being too partisan or divisive (I admit I was a little worried because that would take away from the Celebration and its purpose). Instead, Clinton offered a great speech about the importance of working together in love because none of us is right about everything. He spoke very highly of past and present Southern Baptist Convention leaders. And he did offer some very positive remarks about a certain political candidate ... but it was Mike Huckabee! Regardless of what you think of Clinton, his comments were very appropriate for the Celebration. You can watch his speech here.

Former president Jimmy Carter offered some final remarks to finish out the Celebration. He first shared part of his personal story about getting involved in ministry work as a young man. He then encouraged everyone to continue to build the movement that gathered for the Celebration so that Baptists can continue to unite together for ministry, worship, and fellowship. You can watch his comments here.

Before the final session tonight, Carter and other organizers of the gathering held a press conference to reflect on the meeting and talk about the future. You can watch the press conference here. It will be exciting to watch what great things God continues to do as a result of the Celebration!

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