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More Special Interest Sessions

This afternoon there were several more special interest sessions at the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant. Although they covered the same topics as yesterday, there were different speakers and thus the sessions were quite different. These are designed to offer individuals a chance to discuss important issues and have some dialogue that will hopefully lead to improved ministry and relationships. The Celebration's website has articles about several of them today. My article is about the session on "Reaching Out to the Sick." Here are the other sessions that were reported on:

Proclaiming God's Good News
Faith and Public Policy
Can We All Get Along? Finding Common Ground with Other Faiths
The HIV/AIDS Pandemic
Welcoming the Stranger
Race as a Continuing Challenge
Religious Liberty and Separation of Church and State
Responding to Natural Disasters
Breaking Cycles of Poverty
Engaging the Criminal Justice System
Sexual Exploitation
The Spirit of the Lord Upon Me
Prophetic Preaching

Hopefully, these sessions will spark further dialogue and action on these critical issues.

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