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A Second Reformation

Pastor and author Rick Warren has said there needs to be "a second reformation." This one would get the church to give up polarizing partisan politics. It would be "about deeds, not creeds." He added:
I just think we're becoming too rude. ... You have no right to demonize someone just because you disagree with them."

... Outside the Beltway politics is just not that important. No kid in America has a poster of a politician on their wall.
Amen! I hope that his message gets across because there is way too much partisanship in the church. Much as the first reformation placed a needed focus on Scripture, we now need to focus on living out those Scriptures. Rather than marrying ourselves to one political party, we need to prophetically challenge all leaders. Rather than spending our energy on polarizing debates, we need to live out the love of Jesus.

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