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More on Windermere

A couple of new articles came out today about Windermere Baptist Conference Center winning the lawsuit that had been filed against them by the Missouri Baptist Convention. These came from Ethics Daily and the Associated Baptist Press, the latter of which was the Word&Way's article from earlier in the day. The Word&Way also posted the judge's full decision (yesterday The Pathway only posted excerpts as if they did not want some parts read). Each of these stories quoted from both sides in the conflict, which The Pathway and Baptist Press story failed to do. Thus, there is clearly an important difference in the journalistic quality of the pieces. Many will claim these various Baptist outlets represent different sides in this conflict. But the more substantial difference is that the only ones actually doing journalism were Ethics Daily, Associated Baptist Press, and Word&Way. Both The Pathway and the Baptist Press failed their journalistic and Christian responsibilities as they put forth a deliberately one-sided account. At least there are some Baptist news outlets that care about producing journalism and not propaganda.

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