April 28, 2008

BCA Award

The Baptist Communicators Association recently announced the winners in their annual competition. My article for Ethics Daily last year on Fred Thompson's church attendance won second place in the Single Article - Online Publication category. That is the exact award I won last year for my Ethics Daily article on Wiley Drake's ties to the Unification Church. The article on Drake was quoted in the recent book Bad Moon Rising by John Gorenfeld. It is a well-researched look at the influence of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, and it is quite disturbing how many politicians and Christian leaders have been involved with Moon.


  1. Steven10:03 AM

    I am sure you mean well and are just repeating what you have heard from others. However you have no idea what Rev. Moon, his teachings, His world wide followers, His many humanitarian works, his large family is about. If you did you would honor such a relationship as positive. You will learn that you need to investigate matters deeply for yourself if you are going to speak about them lucidly. I suggest you get a copy of the Divine Principle and read it with a Bible handy . Then at least you can form an opinion and not just repeat someone else’s. I think the Jews chose Barabbas instead of Jesus because they listened to others opinion with none of their own.

  2. Thanks for the comment, but I disagree. I believe there is only one true Messiah and his name is Jesus. I hope you will come to know his loving and saving grace.