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Desert Medicine

<em>Desert Medicine</em>
On a couple occasions I have received a free book to review. One of them I got was Desert Medicine by Judy Alexander. Since I do not read much fiction (and have been busy enough reading for my dissertation work), my wife Jennifer read the book and offers her guest review here:

Desert Medicine is the story of Laurelle--a working mother raising her 5 year old twins. Laurelle's husband left her for another woman. She is facing divorce and trying to stay positive for her children. Needing to provide them a sense of stability, Laurelle takes them to a small church near where she works. The pastor asks her to visit Rhoda--a woman from their congregation who is dying from cancer. The book weaves the story of Laurelle stuggling with the day to day with the story of Rhoda stuggling as a child and young adult. Neither live perfect lives, but both can find forgiveness and grace at the cross.

This is not a typical Christian novel as it clearly demonstrates that one cannot expect non-Christians to act like Christians. It is not for everyone, but does offer a deeper and perhaps more realistic look at how an adult who has made poor decisions can slowly search and come to understand what it means to be a Christian.

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