Licensed Message

April 29, 2008

Florida legislators are considering a proposal to create the first license plate in the country that would send a sectarian message by promoting a specific religion. The plate shows a cross and stained-glass window and reads "I Believe." There are two important issues to remember here besides concerns about a state endorsing a religion. First, if this plate is approved--probably a big if--Christians should think carefully about their driving abilities before getting one. If you are a bad driver, especially one who gets road rage or cuts people off, do not get it! This is the same standard to apply when considering getting a bumper sticker. These items send a clear message, but so does your driving. It would be sad if the message of your driving hurt the reception of the message of your plate or sticker. Second, these specialty plates include an extra fee to be paid. This fee--often about $25--seems to run counter to the message of the plate. If I believe, then I prove that with my spending. How does spending an extra $25 on a piece of metal to hang on my car show a sense of priority? With all the people who are dying due to a lack of food or water, or all the people who have never had a Bible to read, it seems there are better ways to spend our money.