What Are We Known For?

April 09, 2008

Watching the coverage of authorities rescuing the women and children from the polygamist compound in Texas, I saw a shot of many of them being taken away in a Baptist church van. The Baptist Standard has an article about the ministry work of Texas Baptists during this case, including First Baptist Church of Eldorado offering use of its facilities. Perhaps many of the women and children will always think of their rescue whenever they see a van or church sign that says "Baptist." If only that was a metaphor for how Baptists were always viewed--as those who are there to rescue and care for others. Sometimes, however, it sadly seems that when people see the word "Baptist" on a van or church sign, they instead think of conflict, judging, or hypocrisy. Hopefully, we can change that perception by focusing more on ministry efforts, like those helping in the aftermath of this recent rescue.