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Blogging Baptists

The Associated Baptist Press has three articles on Baptists and blogs. The series is a good look at how important the communications revolution is becoming in helping many Baptists have their voices heard, which is important since Baptists are organized democratically with the people being in charge. There is also some good advice offered about how to blog in an appropriate manner. Hopefully, the blogosphere will continue to become a positive and influential place for Baptists to learn information and dialogue with each other.

Here are the articles:
As many motivations for blogging as there are bloggers
Guidelines for ethical blogging? Start with the New Testament
Blogs only latest battleground for historical Baptist contention


  1. Regarding the piece by Ken Camp, I like what David Gushee had to say. Bloggin can be addictive. And I do think some of these guys waste too much of their time responding to one another and reading comments. In that sense, bloggin is no different than folks who used to hang out in AOL Chat Rooms back when the Internet was basically just AOL. It's a waste of time.

    But, I think "blogging" means different things for different people. I try to write a few posts each week - normally just trying to bring attention to a news article. But, I spend most of my time actually reading. I might not be reading a book (I read enough of those for school) but my mind isn't being sullied by reading respectable online journals like Christian Century, Christianity Today, and the more well-written, thought-provoking type blogs.

    Personally, I think some folks (not saying Tillman is guilty of this) just haven't spent enough time in the blogosphere to know what it's really about. Still, I found Tillman's attitude towards blogs somewhat negative. Maybe its the generation difference. But he just seemed quick to point out the ugly instead of pointing out the good.

    Talking about religion and politics online is much much more intellectually stimulating than watching 4-5 hours of television each night after work. And too many people already do that..

  2. Very good points; thanks for sharing. And good job in the articles!


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