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Communication Quarterly Article

My latest academic article has been published in the journal Communication Quarterly. It is entitled "A Burkean Poetic Frames Analysis of the 2004 Presidential Ads." Here is the abstract:
While numerous studies have examined the frequency of attack ads in presidential elections, this study measures the level of severity of the attacks. Using Burke's poetic frames as a foundation, this content analytical study examines the 2004 presidential ads. The negativity level of the ads is explored with comparisons made between those by the candidates and the organizations, differences in ads by medium (television, radio, and Internet), and differences in three time periods of the election (pre-conventions, between conventions, and post-conventions). Finally, implications are addressed concerning Burkean frames, 527 groups, and the Internet.
The whole piece is not free online (I know you are really disappointed!), but your local university library might have it.

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