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Incomplete Reporting

On several occasions I have noted problems with stories published by The Pathway for glaring omissions or blatant falsehoods. Comparing recent articles by The Pathway and the other Baptist newspaper in Missouri, Word&Way, clearly demonstrates that The Pathway misses the mark. Both newspapers recently won awards from the Baptist Communicators Association, along with two other Missouri Baptists (myself and an a communicator for a local church). The Word&Way article mentioned all of the awards won by Missouri Baptists, including those by a reporter for The Pathway. The Pathway's account, however, only mentioned their own awards. I completely understand that they would not want to draw attention to the awards won by Word&Way and myself, but with their incomplete account they prove that they are not a publication for all Missouri Baptists. The Word&Way clearly does a better job of reporting on all Missouri Baptists. Additionally, The Pathway cannot even claim to be the best publication on reporting on issues for MBC Baptists since the local church communicator they ignored is at a church affiliated with the MBC. Hopefully, more Missouri Baptists will realize that The Pathway's accounts are often incomplete or even inaccurate and look elsewhere to find the complete story.

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