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They Don't Get It!

Several conservative Christian leaders launched a new effort called "We Get It!" that puts forth their opinion on the proper Christian response to environmental concerns. The signers include Richard Land, James Dobson, David Barton, Pat Boone, and Tony Perkins. Their very short declaration, however, does not show any evidence that they get it, or even what they supposedly get. They claim they are issuing a call for Christians to care about the environment but it does so very generically with no specifics and actually spends much of the time dismissing some environmental pushes. Frankly, I am not sure this can really even be called a declaration; it's not even a good abstract for a real declaration. It seems to be nothing more than a PR stunt: Let's stand up and say, "we get it," and then hope that no one looks to see if we really do. This is too bad. We need real calls for biblical environmental stewardship, not half-baked (and that's being generous) PR stunts by those who have fought true efforts to get Christians to take their environmental responsibilities seriously. No matter what their PR campaign may claim, they just don't get it.


  1. It says a lot, and makes sense to me.

    I get it.

  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    I agree Brian. I read it. Every section. Then I asked myself "What do they get?"

    The problem, as with the Evangelical Manifesto," is that Southern Baptists and other evangelicals are so scared someone's going to label them liberal that they can't freely make a stand for anything. In fact, every stand has to be a qualified stance. It's so sad how very scared they are.

  3. I'm a Southern Baptist, and I'm not scared at all.

    Though some are willing to swallow and follow Al Gore's and others' questionable science to the point of interrupting food supply to the hungry of the world, I'm not.


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