Replacing Jesus

June 17, 2008

It is Vacation Bible School time, but not all VBS materials are created equal. As pointed out by Howie Luvzus, one of the songs in Lifeway's Outrigger Island VBS misquotes the Bible. It takes the first chapter of John and changes the meaning of "the Word" from Jesus to the Bible. Here is part of the song:

In the beginning was the Word and It was with God and was God.
Before an eye had seen or ear had heard, there was the Word.
I know the Bible is God's Word, His written promises to earth.
It is a lamp unto the feet of those who believe in its worth.
The Word is Perfect Truth. The Word is what I cling to.
Unbreakable, unshakeable Word of God.
I love the Word of God.
Jesus has been replaced by the Bible! (And it is not the first time the SBC has been accused of making such an error.) It seems pretty ironic that a song about knowing what's written in the Bible and clinging to it would make such a huge error. Sadly, this seems to accurately capture how some Christians act. Sometimes it seems we worship the Bible instead of Jesus.

UPDATE [7-23-08]: Ethics Daily has an article about the problems with the song.