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Skip the Veggies

When the Southern Baptist Convention meets, groups show up to protest in hopes of leeching off some of the media attention. Apparently one group this year is PETA, who is out preaching "veggie salvation." They promised to have someone dressed up like Jesus and signs declaring "For Christ's Sake, Go Vegetarian." I doubt that their charade will win them any converts, and I suspect their presentation was blasphemous. The real problem here is not the impact on PETA--they are so polarized that most people already either love them or hate them--but the impact that they can have on others. There has been a lot of discussion among Southern Baptists recently about environmental issues. The problem is that when radicals take an extreme position, it hurts the arguments of those advocating reasonable and biblical creation care.


  1. As a long time member of PETA, I would like to extend your request (to shut up)to those PETA members who are pulling this stunt. The inability to think things through before putting the mouth into action crosses all religious and philosophical lines. I regularly shake my head in sad disbelief at the words coming out of otherwise good people in prominent positions. While we are all guilty of it at times, it sometimes seems as though those in the public eye make it a regular practice. If only there were a mute switch!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am glad that you see the problem with this protest and how it hurts the overall mission of the organization that you support. A mute switch would be great!


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