Where is God?

June 26, 2008

It seems that one tendency among some Christians is to blame natural disasters on God's punishment--usually because of something regarding homosexuality. For instance, many made this claim after Hurricane Katrina, which I critiqued in postings and my book. Now columnist Rex W. Huppke has a piece that demonstrated the problem with such an argument--California has allowed gay marriage but the heartland is being hit by floods (God must have missed). Here are a couple of highlights:

The contrast was striking—joy vs. pain. It raised one simple, inescapable question: What happened to God hating gay people?

If there's one thing the country's higher-profile evangelical Christian preachers have preached to us, it's that the Almighty doesn't much care for those of the non-heterosexual persuasion.

... So after California committed the abomination of allowing people who love each other to get married, why would God lash out at the honest, hardworking, morally upright, down-home, God-fearing folks in middle America? Why wouldn't he just shove California into the ocean and let it rot, like a big, gay Alcatraz?
Maybe the answer is that these are just NATURAL disasters and we should stop trying to add insult to injury by telling people that God is punishing them. Instead, let us show them God's love by helping them in their time of need.