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A Different Kind of Witness

With the Democratic National Convention going on this week, many protesters have turned up outside in hopes of attracting the attention of all the media that is there. This is a normal sight at events that have so many people and media present. Among those there are street preachers who are yelling scriptures at people passing by. However, some Southern Baptists took a radically different approach and are serving the police, first responders, and others. These volunteers are giving out thousands of free meals and drinks. Jim Shaddix, pastor of Riverside Baptist Church in downtown Denver, explained:

We wanted to find a way to be a part of this event in a non-political way. ... This grew to something far beyond what we ever envisioned it would be.
Amen! Baptists are proving that they are much better at serving people in a Christlike manner than they are with political activities. One photo the Baptist Press provided has the signs of some of the street preachers in the corner behind the police. It creates an stark contrast: some are there causing more work for the police and first responders, while others are there serving the police and first responders. My guess is the latter will have a much larger impact in sharing the Gospel with those present.


  1. Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. It's refreshing to see such a good example of ignoring man's politics and focusing on the church's mission.

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Wow - As a Christian I am ashamed of your website... check out the message "Modern American Christianity" located at (seriously)


  3. Well, I can't say I am ashmaed of your website (though we disagree sharply quite often), but I will say that I appreciate you highlighting the actions of Jim Shaddix's Church in Denver. Shaddix was a former professor of mine at NOBTS, and probably the best non-Calvinist expository preacher I know of.

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Stan: Yes, it is.

    Jim: I find it quite odd that you chose this post to place your comment. This post, after all, is praising Christians for sharing the love of Jesus with others.

    D.R.: Thanks. We do disagree at times but that is just fine with the Christian family. Glad to hear more about Shaddix; does seem like a guy with the right focus. (By the way, despite our disagreements at times on SBC issues, I hope you will see me as one who is not just anti-SBC but willing to offer praise where it is due, as in this post.)

  5. Kaylor,

    While I applaud your effort here, don't think that it makes up for the inappropriate attack on the SBC by using a tragedy like that in Georgia. I still believe you ought to recant and take down that article, as it does absolutely nothing to futher the cause of Christ or acheive your stated objective of helping to alleviate people's suffering. While you are quick to point out problems in other's writings and actions, it seems you are slow to acknowledge your own mis-steps.


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