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The One

There has been quite a lot of discussion about John McCain's new ads attacking Barack Obama, and the race will probably only heat up even more over the next three months. One of them, the ad called "The One," has a strong religious theme. The ad mocks Obama for using Messianic language, which Obama has used throughout the campaign even though he is running to be our nation's political leader. Regardless of our partisan feelings, we should be able to laugh at such satire even if it’s not that helpful in deciding our nation’s next political leader. Some of Obama's religious supporters, however, are not amused. They have attacked McCain for running the ad. They apparently, however, have no problem with Obama's strong religious language that is quoted in the ad. And this particular group of Obama supporters has actually run ads that compare Obama to Jesus. Hopefully, the two candidates will be able to focus on solving our nation's problems and leave the religious leadership to others.

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