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Three Years

Three years ago today I started this blog. In those first few months I felt like a voice crying out in the wilderness (not in the prophetic sense but because I wondered if anyone heard me). During the last three years I have felt that this blog has provided a place for me to share my opinions and to dialogue with others about important issues facing Christians. Thanks to all who have joined the conversation and offered your comments! In addition to mentions in the blogosphere, this blog has been mentioned by Ethics Daily, Youthwork (a British magazine), and the Whitsitt Journal. After a huge 143 percent increase in hits between year one and two, year three grew by a steady 2.5 percent over year two. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and I hope you will continue to come here and join the conversation.


  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Congratulations on three years of teaching Christians to improve their communication skills. Keep up the good work.


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