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Congrats to Windermere!

Congrats to Windermere!
This year Windermere Baptist Conference Center marks 50 years of life-changing ministry. Over the past weekend, they held a celebration to reflect on five decades of building lives. The weekend included lots of testimonies, music, games, and, of course, food. I am told that it was well attended with nearly 500 people there. It is exciting to see the continued support that so many are giving to the vital ministry of Windermere. Although there were a few tough years, last year was a record year for Windermere and this year is looking to be even better. With about 18,000 people on campus last summer and about 1,500 decisions made, it is quite clear that God is still blessing the ministry of Windermere. Word&Way will include a special section on Windermere and its 50th anniversary in the upcoming issue. I hope that Missouri Baptists will continue to pray for and support the life-changing ministry of Windermere. You can read testimonies of some of those impacted by Windermere (or submit you own) by visiting the "My Windermere Experience" section of their website.

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