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Friday Photo(s)

Barack Obama was on campus Tuesday. More than 7,500 people were allowed in, and several thousand more were not. People stood in the cold win...
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Smith Dinner

John McCain and Barack Obama shared a dinner table and some jokes last night at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner. During most presidentia...
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Urging Civility

Some religious leaders have urged candidates to be more civil in their campaigns. Here are a couple highlights from a Religion News Service...
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Political Prayer

A pastor praying at a John McCain rally urged God to help McCain win since people of other religions are praying for Barack Obama to win (s...
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Friday Photo

Been staining our table and benches this week. Here is a shot from a couple of days ago that shows just some of the new color.
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The Christian Century has a good piece critiquing our presidential candidates for using falsehoods in attack ads. Here are is a highlight ...
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