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African-American Baptists Reflect on Obama's Historic Victory

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today. It is entitled "African-American Baptists Reflect on Obama's Historic Victory." It includes thoughts from William Buchanan (pastor of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church in Nashville, Tenn.), Jeffrey Haggray (executive director/minister of the District of Columbia Baptist Convention), Michael Bell (pastor of Greater Saint Stephen First Church in Ft. Worth, Tex.), and Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III (executive director of National Ministries for American Baptist Church in the U.S.A.).


  1. Brian,

    I read Ethics Daily this morning as I usually do, clicking on my list of favorites, but I failed to notice that you had written this piece. I really enjoyed it and thought it was well written. I especially appreciated Jeffrey's comments, given that we had the opportunity of meeting with him earlier this year.

  2. Brian,

    Your piece is fine, as usual.

    But the views expressed by these Baptists are alarming and sad indeed.

    I mourn at the election of Barack Obama--not because of his skin color, but because of his radical, atrocious disdain for the rights of the innocent unborn of every color to be born and live.

    These Baptist leaders seem to think that some step (though, to me, it indicates fully that racism is an isolated problem in our nation today) toward racial reconciliation is more valuable than the cost of thumbing our national nose at God and his most precious creative work.

    I long for the day when a pro-life American--black, brown, or white--is elected President and appoints our federal judges.

    And for the day when Baptist leaders of all color take spiritual rather than political stands.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Gary: Yeah, it was nice interviewing someone I felt like I kind of knew.

    CD: Thanks. You know, even Richard Land has said similar things about how this is a good sign for America even though he disagrees with Obama's politics. So, I don't think their reactions could be dismissed as just political.


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