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Challenging Faith

Religion has played a large role in this year's election. In some cases, people have even gone so far as to question someone's faith because of their politics. Ethics Daily has two pieces today that hit at such a problem. The first is an article about an ad run by Senator Elizabeth Dole that questions the faith of her opponent, who happens to be an elder in her local Presbyterian church. Dole, who is in a tight race for reelection, is now being sued by her Democratic opponent for defamation and libel. The second piece is a column by Robert Parham that critiques a Christian group that claims that Barack Obama is not a Christian. Although the group offers differences with Obama on political and theological issues, they seem to be applying a standard other than if Obama has made a profession of faith in Jesus. In both of these cases, it seems the gospel message has been replaced by partisan concerns in order to declare political opponents to be "godless" or "not a Christian." It is sad when, in a quest for political salvation, we allow partisan concerns to trump gospel beliefs.


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