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Poor Record of Political Punditry

Ethics Daily ran my latest piece today. It is entitled "SBC Leader Holds Poor Record of Political Punditry" and offers an analysis of some of the political claims of Richard Land. Despite claiming to know who evangelicals were supporting during this past election cycle, Land's political predictions were often highly inaccurate. His predictions often seem to be less about what is really happening politically and more about what he hopes is happening.


  1. Don't forget, Brian, that Land was pulling for Palin back in February, IIRC. It'll definitely be interesting what he'll say if Palin decides for 2012.

  2. Thanks for the comment. He was kind of pulling for Palin back then. He threw out so many names of people he liked that he would sure to be able to claim he called it. He actually had not mentioned her for some time before the pick but had moved on to others that he liked.


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