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Birmingham Reports

The first couple of news items are out about the regional New Baptist Covenant meeting that was held today. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had two pieces today. The first one covers Jimmy Carter's opening comments. Here are some of his remarks:
It's not an accident that God led us to Birmingham and [the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute].

The Baptist church was a stalwart defender of segregation. ... It was ingrained in our conscience.

I would like to see a complete breakdown in separation of people.
The second piece covers Carter's address later in the day. Here are some of his remarks:
There is no way for us to ignore Jesus' emphasis on the poor, the brokenhearted.

I have found this evolution of the New Baptist Covenant to be the highlight of my religious life.
The article also notes that the meeting had "a standing-room only crowd of about 1,200 people who filled the balcony and lined the walls." A couple of other pieces also talk about the goals of the meeting but came out before the event (see a piece in The Birmingham News here and a piece in the Tuscaloosa News here).

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