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  1. Brian

    Good to see you are still a tiger's fan! We are expecting pictures from graduation.

  2. Aside from the fact that I was sorely disappointed to see Memphis lose (and now they are going to lose their coach to that evil northern state of KY), it's UM (University of Missouri), not MU.

  3. You know, I actually have to apologize that you called it MU. I saw a news article from Mizzou calling it MU. But to me that's the strangest think I have every heard - I can't imagine calling Memphis MU.

    Maybe you have some history as to how that came about.

    As for the basketball front, looks like if Cal leaves Memphis will be going after your coach now.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Mom: Oops! I'll send those!

    D.R.: I was going to give you a hard time about your first post (as if I didn't the initials of my own alma mater!), but you came back. I think that the MU is short for Mizzou, which is probably used more than the formal name University of Missouri. Either that or they didn't want to sound like a vocal filler.


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