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Windermere Wins Again!

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Windermere Baptist Conference Center has won another round in the lawsuit brought on by the Missouri Baptist Convention. Last year, a circuit court judge examined the merits of the case and ruled for Windermere. In February, the appeals court unanimously upheld the ruling. Now, the full appeals court has refused to rehear the case and refused to transfer the case to the state Supreme Court. The last option for the MBC is to appeal directly to the state Supreme Court. They will likely do so and thus make their third appeal, even though they promised at the start not to appeal. The question now is will Missouri Baptists continue to support a losing case, especially when it has now been proven that Cooperative Program monies are being used to pay for the legal expenses, despite promises that they would not use the CP.


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    This is great news for Windermere. God does seem to be at work in this ministry and I know the lawsuits have made this ministry's work harder than it really should be.

  2. You are correct. Thanks for the comment.


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