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Baptist Border Crossing Reports

Baptist Border Crossing Reports
There have been several items out about this weekend's Baptist Border Crossing, which was a fantastic gathering. The Religious Herald has a good article about the gathering. KMBC, a Kansas City television station, has a piece that includes a short video from Jimmy Carter's address. William Jewell College has a piece out about a luncheon with Carter. Faith in Focus, the religious news blog of the Columbia Tribune, has a short post about Columbia pastors involved with the event. My first Ethics Daily article came out on Friday, and others will come out this week.

If you want to watch any of the plenary session speakers, you can watch them free online here. The speakers included Jimmy Carter, author Tony Campolo, North American Baptist Fellowship President David Goatley, Baptist World Alliance President David Coffey, and evangelist Carolyn Ann Knight. Each one is worth checking out.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    I was looking for some stories about the BBC and appreciate these links. One of them mentioned 900 attendees, and I hope that is accurate but from where I was sitting it didn't look anywhere near that number.

    Has there been a registration tally?

    Good bumping into you, best wishes at JM.


  2. It would good to see you, sorry we didn't get to chat longer. I've not heard the final registration yet, but from what I heard the sanctuary heard we probably peaked close to 1,000 (but not all attendees were at the most attended moment).


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