April 17, 2009

Friday Photo

Author Brian McLaren spoke at Eastern Mennonite Seminary a couple of weeks ago. I heard him in chapel and at a breakfast gathering. This photo is from the former of those talks and came out pretty interesting because of the lighting. His lectures, like his books, are quite thought-provoking. His book Everything Must Change is especially worth reading and considering.


  1. Brian,

    Are you running out of things to talk about? Isn't this the same post from April 3rd, but with a different picture. Surely McLaren isn't that interesting?

  2. No, I run out of time long before ideas. I'd say that McLaren is definitely interesting enough to warrant at least one photo per lecture. If I had more time, I'd summarize more of what he said.

  3. I'll give you that he's interesting, but he's also quite wrong on a number of issues, including his leanings toward inclusivism, the dismissal of the doctrine of Hell, and homosexuality as a legitimate expression of Christianity.

    He is a good writer, but unfortunately, he is a poor theologian.

  4. I never said I agree with him on everything. But I do think he has some really good messages for Christians to consider, especially on issues like living out our faith and being more globally-minded. None of the issues you mentioned came up during the two lectures I heard. If I only listened to or read those I completely agreed with I would be left just listening to and reading myself.