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Case Dismissed

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A Camden County judge has dismissed the Missouri Baptist Convention's second lawsuit against Windermere Baptist Conference Center. Last year, a judge in Cole County examined the merits of the MBC's first lawsuit and ruled for Windermere. In February of this year, the appeals court unanimously upheld the ruling. Last month, the full appeals court refused to rehear the case and refused to transfer the case to the state Supreme Court. The MBC has not yet filed its appeal to the state Supreme Court. However, their attorney, Michael Whitehead, was already preparing the troops to continue the lawsuits by claiming that even if the loss in the first case remained, they would win in the Camden County case (I critiqued that argument in a post last week). But now they have lost that case as well. Although they might decide to appeal, such efforts seem unlikely to be successful since every single judge that has examined the merits of the case has ruled against the MBC. Since it was recently proven that the MBC has used Cooperative Program money to fund the lawsuit (despite promising not to), one must wonder how much more missions money they will waste on a losing case.


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Thanks for the news. The case could be made that the MBC is close to the line or has crossed the line from taking appropriate legal action to harassment. I wonder what the Judges across the State of Missouri must think of the attorney that is leading the charge for the MBC.

  2. Thanks for the comment! You raise a couple good points


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