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  1. Awww, I like that Molly Marshall! Saw her today, in fact, at the CBFMO Assembly.

  2. Are Dr. Marshall's pluralist, pantheist, revisionist views really thought by NBC'ers to be a rallying point for cooperation in the broad Baptist community?

    Maybe if we're talking about a New Age Baptist Covenant.

  3. CD: I'm not going to answer your question until you back it up your charges. So, where's the evidence?

  4. My question was more comment than question. But I'll answer your question.

    Pluralist (smacks of Jimmy Carter): Marshall has long advocated that those of other world religions do not need to come to explicit faith in Christ in order to be saved. Marshall’s book, "No Salvation Outside the Church? A Critical Inquiry," based on her doctoral dissertation, articulated her viewpoint that there are other ways to salvation than belief
    in Jesus Christ. In the dissertation she criticized those who approach a Muslim or a Hindu as one "already condemned before God." Marshall also argued that those who never hear the gospel will be given another opportunity to respond to God after death.

    Revisionist: Her book "Joining the Dance" is revisionist, by its own billing.

    Pantheist: Then there's Marshall's defense of the 1993 "Reimagining" Conference of Feminist Theologians, which basically equated God to the goddess Sophia, and hailed that every created thing was invited by God to be restored--as if rocks and dogs had souls.


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