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More on Latest Ruling

A couple of items are out about last week's newest legal victory for Windermere Baptist Conference Center. Windermere has a press release, which can be read here. Word&Way has an article about the ruling. The Pathway has not put out its spin yet, perhaps because they are trying to figure out what their new story should be since they have been pointing to this case as why they were not worried about losing the other lawsuit against Windermere.

With MBC appeals probably coming after multiple losses, an Ethics Daily article last month about the MBC deserves consideration. The piece documented how the MBC has used Cooperative Program money to fund its legal efforts, despite promising not to do so. Will more missions money be used to fund the appeals? All of this also makes last week's column by MBC Executive Director David Tolliver quite interesting. He writes about why the CP is important and what ministries it supports. However, he forgot to mention lawsuits as part of what it is spent on. Missouri Baptists deserve to be told how their missions money is being spent.


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    The story from the MBC seems to be we have to keep going --- the messengers have given us instructions. I wonder what kind of instructions messengers would be giving the MBC if they were told the whole story. None of this had to happen. The five agencies have NOT been lost to Missouri Baptist--the MBC leaders chose to disassociate with the five agencies because they did not have total power and control.

    Is power and control inportant enough to try and obtain them at any cost? Do messengers want CP dollars used for lawsuits? Do messengers want MBC leaders to harm the agencies? Do messengers want MBC leaders to do whatever? Does the end justify the means?

    It is time for hard questions. More than that it is time for honesty and Christian actions towards other Christian ministries.

  2. Well, Brian, Pathway has finally weighed in on the matter and what they focus on is Jim's supposed role in masterminding the takeover. Those guys will stop at nothing in their quest to twist the truth for their own purposes.


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