False Fear-Mongering

May 12, 2009

Robert Parham had a good column yesterday at Ethics Daily that exposes problems with a popular YouTube video. The video, which has been posted by many Christian bloggers, attempts to scare people about Muslim demographics. The problem, as Parham details, is that many of the numbers used in the video are greatly exaggerated and inaccurate, which thus undermines the claims of the video. Another problem that could have also been mentioned is a suspect quotation attributed--without a source--to Muammar al-Gaddafi. It seems quite unlikely he would use the FoxNews phrase "homicide bombers" instead of the more accepted "suicide bombers." A google search for the quotation only brings up a few blogs, most of which are clearly quoting from this video. Christians should be careful not to spread misinformation, especially when it is intended to use fear to harm our neighbors. Just because someone made a video and posted it online does to mean it true!