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Politicizing Prayer

Today was the "National Day of Prayer." However, some leaders of the effort took time out from praying to attack President Barack Obama. What did he do? Merely what every president from Dwight D. Eisenhower through Bill Clinton did. Yet, because George W. Bush went further in efforts to promote the event, Obama is being attacked for not following Bush's example. Some of the attacks went well beyond what could honestly be claimed (isn't it kind of wrong to lie while promoting prayer?). Consider the inaccurate claim of Linda Stone, the North Carolina coordinator for National Day of Prayer:
I do believe they want to silence us and keep us from praying.
So, Obama issued an official proclamation recognizing the day and follows the example of nearly every modern president and she accuses him of trying to "silence" their prayers? It is fine to disagree with the president, but we should expect Christian leaders to at least be honest. I pray that Christians will not use prayer to make partisan attacks.


  1. Perhaps Linda Stone and other leaders of the National Day Of Prayer could put things into better perspective after a review of Matthew 6.

  2. Thanks for the comment. You make a great point.


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