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Richard Land Substantially Alters Position on Torture

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is entitled "Richard Land Substantially Alters Position on Torture." It covers how Richard Land moved from mostly silent and somewhat defensive of torture to coming out against torture. I am glad he has finally spoken out, but it would have been nice if he had used his position of influence over the past several years to make a difference on this issue.

UPDATE [5-15-09]: Ethics Daily has a good column today following up on this story about Land. Additionally, Marv Knox of the Baptist Standard has a good column on torture.


  1. Brian,

    Those SBC'ers you don't care for just can't do anything to make you happy, can they?

    Perhaps you'll feel better knowing that I'm at least consistent and haven't altered my view, which is what Land's used to be.

    So much for brainwashed, robot-like followers of anything their SBC national figures say.

    I'll now say to you and Richard Land that my view is the more pro-life one.

  2. CD: Thanks for the comment. Actually, I said I was glad he has spoken out. I just wish he could have made more of a difference. As for you, I don't feel better. Being consistently wrong is not better than being late to the game. Hopefully you will join Land in finally realizing that one cannot be truly pro-life and support an action that clearly denies the sanctity of human life. By the way, Land strongly criticizes your ends justifies the means arguments.

  3. Brian,

    I'm a Southern Baptist and don't constantly vilify Land, as you and your friend Parham do.

    But Land doesn't persuade nor speak for me on this issue. Congrats, though. Maybe you persuaded him on this one.

  4. I'm still hoping you will change to a more pro-life position here. But at least it should be obvious now that this is not a liberal-versus-conservative issue as some have tried to portray it because even conservative pro-lifers are coming out against torture.


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