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Supremes Say 'No'

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The Missouri Supreme Court has denied the Missouri Baptist Convention's appeal of its unanimous appellate court loss in its case against Windermere Baptist Conference Center. The losses are piling up. Last year, a judge in Cole County examined the merits of the MBC's first lawsuit and ruled for Windermere. In February of this year, the appeals court unanimously upheld the ruling. In March of this year, the full appeals court refused to rehear the case and refused to transfer the case to the state Supreme Court. Last month, a judge in Camden County dismissed the MBC's other lawsuit against Windermere (and dismissed counts against a lot of other defendants). Since it was recently proven that the MBC has used Cooperative Program money to fund the lawsuit (despite promising not to) and they are now trying to put the lawsuits in the CP budget, one must wonder how much more missions money they will waste on a losing case.


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM


    Keep the updates coming.

    WAKE UP Missouri Baptists!

    Let's bring this to an end--contact your pastor, your Missouri Baptist leaders, anyone you can think of--let them know how you feel.

  2. Well said. If the average Baptist in the pew would speak out, this could be brought to an end.


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