Tortured Theology

May 04, 2009

A recent survey found that people who attend church more often are more likely to support torturing people. Also, white evangelicals are more likely to support torturing people than are those of no faith. Sadly, I am not making this up. What is it about going to church that makes people want to torture others? It seems like instead of asking "What Would Jesus Do?" we are instead asking "What Would People Do To Jesus?" How can a Christian support torturing the image of God? How can someone who is pro-life--as most white evangelicals are--support taking an action that rejects the sacredness of life? A couple of years ago, I wrote an Ethics Daily column entitled "Tortured Theology" to critique evangelical leaders promoting the use of torture.

UPDATE [5-9-09]: Ethics Daily had a couple of good columns this week on this latest news on torture. Chuck Warnock had one entitled "Attend Church Regularly? Odds Are You Think Torture's OK." Jim Evans had one entitled "Evangelicals' Support of Torture Reveals Double Failure."