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More Moore?

Roy Moore, the so-called "Ten Commandments Judge," is back and running again for governor of Alabama. He lost his judge job back in 2003 and then ran for the Republican nomination for governor in 2006. He got rocked in the race, losing by a 2-1 margin to Governor Bob Riley. Now Moore is trying again. Unfortunately, that means more attention to his lost cause. In fact, his gubernatorial website contains numerous references to his Ten Commandments effort, including a music video. This should be troubling from a political standpoint because he is running for office despite having been thrown out of his last job for not obeying the law (which was especially bad since he was a judge!). I cannot imagine how, if he is elected as governor, he could honestly put his hand on the Bible and take the oath of office since it would not be a true statement as his continued justifications for his idol monument demonstrate. In my book (For God's Sake, Shut Up!), I critiqued Moore for hurting the Christian cause with his Ten Commandments effort.

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