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Praying for Obama

This week, messengers to the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution that recognized the historic nature of Barack Obama's victory and called for prayer for him. The resolution was much different from the original one submitted as the final version criticized several of Obama's policies. But, it was a good step anyway, especially when the SBC's president led the messengers in prayer for Obama right after the resolution was passed. It was a much healthier image than that coming this month from former SBC Second Vice President Wiley Drake. After first making headlines for declaring that he had been praying for the death of George Tiller and was thankful it had finally come about, he then said he was praying for the death of Obama. His comments were quickly repudiated by an SBC official and the Baptist pastor who penned the Obama resolution.

Drake, the author of the SBC's Disney boycott a few years ago, has had more than his share of controversy. He has in the past had ties to the Unification Church, reportedly supported a man who killed an abortion doctor, was investigated by the IRS for endorsing Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on church letterhead, and was the running mate for Alan Keyes during the past presidential election. But now Drake has moved even further to the fringe. As the SBC's Richard Land retorted, "Wiley Drake is far out of the mainstream, in fact he's in a drainage ditch somewhere." Drake, who is a fixture at SBC meetings by always making multiple motions, thankfully did not attend the meeting this year. Unfortunately, when Drake makes his crazy comments that violate the teachings of Jesus (you know, the stuff about loving your enemies), it hurts the image of Christians and the One we represent.


  1. Brian,

    Good points. Wiley Drake has gone too far too often. A mistake now and again is to be expected (and can even be overlooked), but that seems to be the rule nowadays and not the exception.

    Glad to see Richard Land come out and say what millions of other SBC members have been thinking. I wonder if those who helped to put Wiley in his former position of 1st VP are wondering what the heck they were thinking. I sure would like to see some of them come out and denounce Drake.

  2. I pray for the death of ignorance masquerading as faith.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I, too, would like to see SBC leaders come out stronger here, especially since Drake keeps using the SBC to give himself some credibility.


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