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SBC Motions

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is entitled "SBC Agencies Asked to Investigate 'Cussing Pastor.'" It is about several of the motions made at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention that target Mark Driscoll, the "Emerging Church Movement," and the Acts 29 Network. Many of the attacks are being led by Roger Moran. Among those attacked by Moran is John Marshall, who delivered the annual sermon at the meeting today. Marshall's sermon was quite good and was a subtle response as he warned about the dangers of liberalism and legalism and urged Christians to work together to share the gospel message.

On a related note, I was quoted the other day in the religion news blog of the Louisville Courier-Journal about Mike Huckabee speaking at the SBC's Pastor's Conference.


  1. Johnny Hunt is right, all motions about Mark Driscoll will be thrown under the SBC bus. It's a non-issue that only a few seem to be interested in. The number of motions doesn't really do justice to the number of those who really cared. Most I talked to were just sick of the ridiculous motions being made. We wondered how Dr. Hunt could keep such a straight face at times. He truly showed restrained leadership during those parts of the sessions.

  2. I agree with your assessment, but it looks bad to have all of those motions even if they do eventually fail.


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