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Windermere Wins Again!

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The Missouri Baptist Convention lost another ruling in its legal battle against Windermere Baptist Conference Center. The judge in Camden County who dismissed the MBC's lawsuit against Windermere in April once again threw out the case against Windermere after the MBC filed a new version of their lawsuit. For those keeping score at home, the MBC has now lost six straight rulings in four different courts. Last year, a judge in Cole County examined the merits of the MBC's first lawsuit and ruled for Windermere. In February of this year, the appeals court unanimously upheld the ruling. In March, the full appeals court refused to rehear the case and refused to transfer the case to the state Supreme Court. Last month, the Missouri State Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Since it was recently proven that the MBC has used Cooperative Program money to fund the lawsuit (despite promising not to) and they are now trying to put the lawsuits in the CP budget, one must wonder how much more missions money they will waste on a losing case.

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