Palin's Resignation

July 09, 2009

Since Alaska Governor Sarah Palin shocked the political world by announcing her resignation as governor, many pundits and commentators have claimed that the move would actually help her run for president in 2012. Apparently running as a half-term governor is better than as a one-term governor. Or maybe voters will think that even though she could not handle the pressures of being a governor that she will definitely be able to stand being president. One individual claiming Palin's move was smart is Richard Land, who is the Southern Baptist Convention's top political guy. He called her resignation "a shrewd move" and claimed it "improved her chances." Of course, his record for political punditry is quite poor, as I documented in an Ethics Daily article last year. Land's interviewer and fellow Southern Baptist, Russell Moore, did not buy Land's claims and did a pretty good job pointing out flaws in Land's political analogies (and at one point accidently called Richard Land "Richard Nixon").

My favorite two comments from Palin recently demonstrate the problems with seeing this as a smart strategy. First, on the day she announced her resignation, she said about finishing her term: "That's the worthless, easy path; that's a quitter's way out." So apparently quitting is the way to prove she's not a quitter? Then a few days later she said she was surprised her resignation had become "such a darn big deal." Really? Leaving office isn't a small matter like choosing what shoes to wear! Conservative evangelical Christians will likely have to find another candidate to rally around and hopefully it will be someone who brings some stability and credibility for the movement.