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Ex-Convict Sues National Baptists in Quest to Regain Presidency

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is entitled "Ex-Convict Sues National Baptists in Quest to Regain Presidency." The article is about the efforts of Henry Lyons to become president of the National Baptist Convention, USA. He was president for five years before resigning and serving four years in prison for racketeering and grand theft. Now, he is trying to return to his previous position of national leadership and is suing to change the rules for the presidential election.


  1. Brian,

    Is there anyway to follow the vote on Thursday? Any website covering the sessions?

    I was not impressed by what David Goatley said in your article. Other Christian groups are not having to deal with issues like possibly electing an ex-con who once almost destroyed the organization...

  2. Not that I'm aware of. If you find it, please pass it on. The news coming out of the meeting appears to be on quite a time lag.


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