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Religion & Politics

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking at an Episcopalian church in Staunton about the relationship between religion and politics, with a focus on what Christians should make of this topic. It was a good time of dialogue about an important subject. Christians should take time to consider important issues like how we should act in the public square. However, we must avoid the approach of the Alliance Defense Fund, which yesterday held its second annual "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" (it is a coincidence that I was speaking on the same day). The ADF approach is to encourage pastors to make partisan comments from the pulpit and even endorse candidates for office (and their chosen pastors seem to always endorse Republicans or an occasional conservative third party). This is one of the approaches I criticized yesterday because it undermines the church's higher calling. Also, such an approach could result in driving people away from God. So, while I hope churches will discuss issues of political involvement, let us be careful not to align ourselves with one political party or candidate.

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