October 2, 2009


  1. On Climate Bill:

    All this, yet the earth is cooling and may well cool for the next couple of decades!

    That would make another interesting article!

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Yes, Cat's Dad, it is interesting. More so than you may know, in fact.

    Try reading this:


  3. dunningrb:

    Thanks for the reference, though it's most likely a spin source.
    I did read it.

    However, speaking in September at the U.N.'s World Climate Conference in Geneva, Professor Mojib Latif of Germany, one of the world's foremost climate modelers and a lead author for the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, admitted that the Earth has been cooling and is likely to continue that trend for the next couple of decades.

    Latif predicts the warming trend will pick up again, but it must be natural cycles that convince him.

    There's an agenda much broader than temperatures behind all the global warming fear. Some of it is money, some just ideology.