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Southern Baptist Leaders Offer Erroneous Global-Warming Claims

Ethics Daily recently ran my latest article, which is entitled "Southern Baptist Leaders Offer Erroneous Global-Warming Claims." It covers false claims made about the so-called "climategate" and other global warming issues. Ethics Daily also had a piece naming its Baptist of the Year--Emmanuel McCall.


  1. Brian,

    I am certainly not a big fan of Richard Land, but I wonder when you are going to move on to attacking someone else for once. And I wonder when, if ever, you will address false claims by those who preach the global warming hysteria.

    There have been more than enough false assertions made by AGW proponents and many of the statements and "facts" made by Gore in his movie have been clearly and decisively rebutted.

    It's time for a "journalist" like yourself to tell the other side of the issue. I wonder, will Ethics Daily let you do that?

  2. Well, he is often quoted whenever the media wants a Christian voice on an issue, and especially when they want a Baptist one. Thus, when a prominent religious leader makes false claims it should be addressed. Additionally, you falsely compare mistakes in Gore's film with Land's mistakes. The issues with Gore are actually quite minor with his main arguments upheld. However, Land gets the main points wrong, such as when he claims the earth is cooling.


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