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UnChristian Prayers

Somewhere along the way, Southern Baptist pastor Wiley Drake got the wrong idea about prayer. He has made headlines the past few years for announcing that he was praying for the deaths of people he did not like, including Barack Obama, George Tiller, and the leaders of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Unfortunately, Drake just keeps making the news with his hateful "prayers." Now, he is claiming after the fact that he was praying for the death of Representative John Murtha, who died Monday. Thus, Drake declared, "Maybe God took him out." I am not sure who this mafia leader is that Drake is calling "god," but Drake must have a pretty long hit list if he actually got around to Murtha. It is bad enough that Drake makes this claim, but it is even worse to do so just after Murtha's death. It is tragic that Drake is acting so unChristlike and profaning God. It would be nice if he would try reading the teachings of Jesus or quit claiming to be a "pastor."

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  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Maybe he should be tried for murder.


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