Pastor Leaves Party

March 17, 2010

Reverend Joel Hunter is a conservative. The pastor and author once was chosen to head the Christian Coalition (although he parted ways before starting the job after some disagreements with others in the leadership). However, Hunter no longer sees himself as a Republican. He prayed at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and serves as one of Barack Obama's spiritual advisors. Hunter does not see himself as a Democrat either, but now believes that he cannot be a part of either party. He explained:

I dropped my voter registration from the Republican Party months ago and became an Independent. While I don't think either Party can adequately represent the values of Jesus, part of the reason for my move was the growing uncivil/personal attack tone of the Party. We expect the Party out of power to be more negative, but the strident hyper-partisanship was something I could no longer support (in either Party).
He offers some good advice for other pastors to consider. Aligning too closely with one political party can shut doors to ministry and could result in someone feeling the temptation to defend their political allies who are doing unChristian things.