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Political Incivility

Mark DeMoss--a prominent evangelical whose PR firm represents Christian leaders like Billy and Franklin Graham, Chuck Colson, Liberty University, and Campus Crusade for Christ--is turning his back on the Republican Party. He is upset about a recently leaked Republican presentation that included caricatures of several Democratic leaders like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. DeMoss, who has been leading a project devoted to promoting civility, described the presentation as "shameful, immature and uncivil, at best" in a letter to Republican leaders. He added that such behavior "only contributes to the widespread cynicism of politics in general and our Party in particular" and therefore is "indefensible and destructive." DeMoss, who gave the Republican Party $15,000 in 2008, also pledged in his letter not to give any longer to the Party. It is good to see someone stand up for civility and be willing to put their principles ahead of their party affiliation.


  1. Now if we could just find a Democrat would would be willing to do the same thing in the face of their party's "political incivilities" we might have a chance at changing this country for the better.

  2. Well, D.R., I think Pres. Obama has been repeatedly civil, even attempting friendship, with Repubs. in both the House and Senate and each time he has been spat upon.

  3. Michael,

    Coming from someone who kicks folks off his blog for no reason after viciously (and falsely) attacking them and their education, I'm not sure I can trust your judgment on Obama. And it's clear from plenty of news reports coming out about Healthcare that Obama simply uses his lackies like Rahm Emmanuel to do his uncivil dirty work. Certainly not a lot of civility with that guy.

    But I thought you were done defending the Democratic party and had moved to full socialism. Have you changed your mind again?


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